Sunday Radio National with Hugh Riminton

Last Sunday, Michael spoke with Hugh Riminton about the war in Afghanistan and how power has shifted. The segment from Sunday Extra is about 15 minutes long.


Assange responds

During yesterday's podcast, Michael mentioned Julian Assange and discussed that he should not properly be called a journalist but rather an archivist or webmaster (I only took slight offense…) since he doesn't research stories himself but, rather, built a place for whistleblowers to upload their information.

Overnight on the MickWareDotCom Twitter feed, someone pointed out the comment and made sure Assange saw it:


To which Assange replied:


(The funniest part of this is that Assange clearly hasn't listened to the podcast and has no idea (yet) that Michael called him a wanker. Which he then went on to prove in such a delightful way.)

Behind the Media - podcast

Michael did an hour-long podcast for The Australian newspaper about his career and the state of war journalism today. You can find the link on the paper's website or download it on iTunes under the show's title, "Behind the Media."