"Only the Dead" wins Best Doc at Walkley Awards

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The Walkley Awards are the Aussie equivalent of the Pulitzer, the highest journalistic award there is in Australia. And although it was announced yesterday that the film will not be in contention for an Oscar nom, this award is far more important to an old war correspondent.

Here is the announcement as posted on Twitter overnight:


And some of the reactions (the presentations were televised):


One watcher even grabbed a screenshot of the proceedings:


"Only the Dead" still has a few showings going on in Australia and opens in limited release in the US on Friday. (Check Fandango for locations; I have seen times in NYC and LA.) If you can't track down a theater near you, remember that it will be shown on HBO in the US and on FOXTEL in Australia early next year.

More info on "Only the Dead"

I'll be adding some info on OtD as it is released, although the best info will no doubt be posted by his team. But here is my page on it.

LATimes review Telluride: In 'Only the Dead,' Michael Ware descends into the heart of Iraq darkness

The Australian journalist Michael Ware remembers the moment war changed him. He was in Fallujah, embedded with the U.S. military when one night he decided to follow a soldier into a house, despite the likely prospect of a half-dozen jihadis waiting to greet them with gunfire.

Ware quickly lost track of his armed compatriot and found himself lacking weapons or even a way to see. “Without night vision,” he recalls, “ I was suddenly alone in a house full of death.”


"Only the Dead" nominated for Best Documentary AACTA


Only the Dead
starts out the awards season with a Best Feature-length Documentary nomination from the AACTA Awards (the Australian version of the Oscars). The winner from the five-film field will be announced in Sydney later this year.

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