November 2009

CB: "America can't be bogged down. You could be there endlessly."

Campbell Brown talks with Michael and former NATO commander General George Joulwan (Ret) about what the extra troops will be able to accomplish in Afghanistan.

Length: 5:02

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TSR: "You cannot possibly cover all of Afghanistan. So you need to pick your targets."

On the eve of the presidential address to reveal the new plan for Afghanistan, Wolf Blitzer talks to Michael (in NY) and Peter Bergen (in DC) about what we need to accomplish in order to get our troops out.

Length: 4:56

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AC: "U.S. troops are bleeding and dying in Afghanistan over less to do with jihad...and almost everything to do with Pakistani and Indian rivalry."

Erica Hill talks to Michael, Fareed Zakaria, and Atia Abawi about the expected announcement of a troop increase to Afghanistan. But will more boots on the ground be enough to turn the situation around?

Length: 7:12 / 4:52

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TSR: "You've got to start banging India and Pakistan's heads together because they are the ones who are fueling this war."

Suzanne Malveaux talks to Michael about the upcoming announcement regarding the Obama administration's Afghanistan strategy. On the night that Obama hosts a dinner for the Indian prime minister, Michael reflects on the role India plays in the AfPak equation.

Length: 5:42

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NR: "We may have a result...But we're still a long way off from that credible partner that America so desperately seeks."

TJ Holmes talks to Michael (in New York) and Ed Henry (at the White House) for reaction to the cancellation of the runoff election in Afghanistan and the subsequent declaring of Hamid Karzai as the winner.

Length: 7:57

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