October 2008

AC360 Special: Back From the Battle

"Back From the Battle" is an AC360 special with two components: a series of reports about veterans' struggles as they return from Iraq and Afghanistan, and a concert put on for veterans by MTV & CNN at the Nokia Theater in New York City on October 23.

In the first clip, Michael does a follow-up with Staff Sergeant David Bellavia, who served in Iraq and whom Michael met when he was embedded with Alpha Company's 3rd Platoon during the second battle for Fallujah in November of 2004. Michael wrote a cover story for Time magazine, "Into the Hot Zone," and David wrote a book about the battle, House to House. The footage of the battle itself was filmed by Michael himself; the single still photo shown would be the work of Time magazine's Yuri Kozyrev, who was teamed with Michael in those days.

For the second clip, Anderson talks to Michael at the concert about David's story and the emotional toll of the war.

Length: 3:33 / 3:16

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CNN/I: World News Europe

Michael (still in New York) talks with Fionnuala Sweeney about the latest version of the proposed extension to the Status of Forces Agreement. Sounds like there is still a long way to go...

Length: 4:19

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