July 2008

LDT: Fallujah hero Scott Lawson

Lou Dobbs has a clip about Staff Sergeant Scott Lawson, one of the soldiers who entered the infamous house in Fallujah with David Bellavia (and a certain reporter from Time magazine...)

Michael speaks briefly about what happened when the soldiers got inside. It looks like the clip was filmed shortly before he left Baghdad a few weeks ago. (The additional footage of Michael comes from the "Inside the Surge" B-roll.)

Length: 2:31

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GPS: "From the moment the first American tank crossed the...border to march on Saddam's Baghdad, America was, by default, at war with Iran."

Fareed's show this week focused on Iran. He started with an interview with the Iranian Foreign Minister. Following that was a panel discussion, with Christiane Amanpour via video from London, while Vali Nasr and Michael were in the studio.

The first section of the panel discussion dealt with how to deal with Iran diplomatically -- the recent EU proposal, the Iraqi SoFA, etc.

The second part focused more on Iran's threat against Israel and the possibility that Israel is preparing to attack Iran's nuclear facilities.

Length: 9:55 / 9:23

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EC: "Iran is absolutely kicking your ass right now."

Michael appeared again on Election Center, tonight hosted by Erica Hill. The first two segments focus on Senator Obama's stance on the Iraq war and also how that war impacts on the war in Afghanistan. The third segment shifts the focus to Afghanistan, and although Michael is only in one brief clip I include it for the overall theme. (Peter Bergen is interviewed in this segment.) The fourth segment focuses more on Afghanistan itself, although Michael again points out that Iran is a major player on both fronts.

Length: 8:35 / 4:26 / 7:27 / 4:42

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EC: "Let's hear him say he knows what it is really going to cost."

Michael appears on Election Center to discuss Obama's trip to Iraq this month and what he should be looking for while there. Soledad O'Brien sits in as host, and the other panelists are Roland Martin and Cliff May (from a conservative think-tank.)

Length: 4:50 / 2:49

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AAM: "It's going to change the nature of the whole environment for these security firms."

Michael is in New York and talks to Kiran Chetry about the latest twists in the SOFA agreement -- according to Iraq's foreign minister, the immunity currently enjoyed by private security contractors will no longer be available to them.

Length: 4:05

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