Center for American Progress: "A View From the Ground in Iraq"

On April 2, Michael was one of two speakers at an event put on by the Center for American Progress in Washington, DC.

Michael, who was joined by freelance writer
Nir Rosen, gave a perspective of the war as seen by someone who has been living it at street-level for the past five years. The event was posted online by CAP, and that video is archived below, along with a couple of photographs I took, and excerpts from an interview he did while at CAP with Think Progress.

Length: 1:25:51
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(I was not using a flash, so the color is way off)

Two ThinkProgress interviews recorded later that afternoon:
Length: 2:47 (11.0 MB) ----- 2:24 (9.7 MB)

These photos were taken by Jodi...


UPDATE 2/21/10:
CAP has uploaded their own photos of the event to a Flickr page.
Click here for info!