May 2007

Media Watch: "I’m a firm believer that all aspects of the story of war need to be told"

Michael appeared on a television program in Brisbane to discuss the difficulties of reporting from embeds.

Length: 13:24

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AC: "This is one more step that is being played out behind the scenes."

Anderson is still in LA and talks to David Gergen and Michael about several things, including how a solution for Iraq might be brokered.

Length: 6:14

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TSR: "Iraq is broken. Iran is stronger. Al Qaeda is stronger."

Michael talks to Wolf about the effects the Democrats' war-funding/withdrawal-timeline bill and the President's veto of it will have on the various players in Iraq.

Length: 2:39

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CNN Podcasts: Covering Iraq, Parts 1 & 2 -- 5:19 & 4:01

CNN's Steve Kastenbaum has a frank conversation with CNN correspondent Michael Ware and his producer Thomas Evans about their experiences covering the war in Iraq.

Part 1 Part 2