November 2005

AC: What really happened at Tal Afar?

Anderson speaks to Michael in Baghdad via telephone regarding the battle at Tal Afar. Michael was there, embedded with the US military, and witnessed the battle from beginning to end, so he is uniquely qualified to challenge White House reports that Iraqi forces led the attack.

Length: 3:59


Air America: Randi Rhodes Show -- 16:37

Michael speaks by phone from Baghdad.

Randi Rhodes Show -- 16:37

AC: How are things going in Iraq?

Anderson speaks to Michael in Baghdad via telephone.

The quote that caused this site to be created:
COOPER: We are starting to hear from this White House talk that the Iraqis maybe are doing better than we had previously thought...
WARE: Whoever from the White House is saying that is one of two things. Clearly, they have never been in Iraq and clearly, they have never been in a firefight with an Iraqi unit. Secondly, they're clearly lying, whether they know it or not.

Length: 4:22