Michael Ware



Michael plans to continue to create documentary programs through his film company, Penance Film and TV. Possible subject matter may be a look at how Iraqi citizens who helped Coalition forces as translators and fixers are being denied immigration even as they are targeted by death squads; government's disgraceful lack of preparedness for the medical care of returning veterans; a look at how the first year of the war unfolded in Kurdistan and how it was a precursor of what would happen throughout Iraq.

Prior to those, however, will be the release of his feature-length documentary, which he promises will give the public a realistic, unsanitized look at the war in Iraq.

Additionally, he is working on a book titled "Between Me and The Dead," although it may be awhile before he has sifted through his memories and reflected on events enough to commit them to paper.

And while it's difficult to picture him confined to a classroom, with his training in communication and courtroom delivery, it's not a stretch to imagine he may someday start doing formal lectures about the war.

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