Michael Ware


Sep 2008

TNP: "You don't have a stick."

Another excellent follow-up to the debate, John King hosted "The Next President." One segment has Michael talking about Iraq, the other focuses on Iran.

Length: 3:53 / 2:53

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RM: "'Troops, troops, troops' is not going to fix it."

Roland Martin's weekend special this week was "What They Didn't Say in the Debate" and in one segment, Michael (and Fran Townsend) discussed the Iran/Iraq situation as well as Afghanistan and how we need to proceed there. A lot of terrific points were made in this segment... and this stuff definitely should have been addressed in the debate and in the post-debate discussion. Kudos to Roland Martin for finally giving the people who know what they are talking about on these subjects time enough to actually explain what we-the-people need to know.

Length: 7:17

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Presidential debate panel - full clips

These are the entire segments from the panel Michael was on:

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Post-debate: "'Know thy enemy' obviously doesn't apply in presidential debates."

Following the debate... well, Michael barely got a word in. Who would ever have guessed that the Iraq war would not be THE topic of this election; in fact, not even THE topic at the debate slated to focus on foreign policy?

Length: 0:19 / 0:23

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Pre-debate: "Surely we are at the point where we're beyond sound bites."

Prior to the debate, Campbell Brown moderated a panel with Michael, Christiane Amanpour, John King, Anderson Cooper, Jeffrey Toobin, David Gergen, and Gloria Borger.

As is to be expected with the cast-of-thousands coverage, each reporter/pundit got very little time to discuss the issues -- Michael was asked only two questions during the hour. These are those individual clips, but I will be archiving complete coverage of the panel later.

Length: 2:30 / 1:03

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TSR: "I'd like to hear some inventive out-of-the-box thinking."

Michael talks to Wolf about tonight's presidential debate and the topics he hopes will be covered substantively, including (of course) Iraq, Iran, and Russia.

Length: 3:11

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EC: "The troops will come home with honor regardless...Winning, however, is a matter of definition."

Michael fact-checks Senators McCain and Obama on Iraq. Not surprisingly, neither one gets an A on this test... but how much honesty can the American public take?

Length: 6:24

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TSR: "You're still going to have the same or even more number of U.S. boots on Iraqi soil as you did pre-surge."

Michael spells out what today's announced withdrawals really add up to and again has to go through the explanation of why the Iraqi government isn't embracing the "Sons of Iraq."

Length: 5:04

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CNN/I: World News Europe

Michael talks with Fionnuala Sweeney about the "drawdown" and what happens next.

Length: 3:55

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CNN/I: Your World Today

Hala Gorani talks to Michael about the troop drawdown, whether the surge worked, and what all of it means for the future.

Length: 4:00

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AAM: "This is your American militia, the counterbalance to the Iranian militias."

Michael talks to John Roberts about revelations in Bob Woodward's new book.

Length: 2:46

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AAM: "The conditions on the ground...do justify some pulling out of US troops"

Michael is still in NY and speaks with Kiran Chetry about the troop draw-down to be announced today.

Length: 2:31

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