Michael Ware


Daily Beast: Michael Ware on Sgt. Robert Bales, Accused of Killing Afghan Civilians

As we pass the ninth anniversary of the invasion, Michael has a solemn, gritty column in today's Daily Beast about how the strain of multiple tours of duty can hollow out the heart and soul of a soldier such as Sgt. Robert Bales, accused of committing mass-murder in Kandahar province last week.

I still remember the night in Iraq we shot and killed someone’s grandmother. I say “we” even though I did not pull the trigger, nor was I even carrying a weapon. But when you’re present at such a thing, when you’re a part of those who’ve come and delivered death, a shadow passes over you. In an odd, muted way the hurt of it bleeds inside you too.

No one was to blame. Innocence resides on both sides of that 2006 night. These are simply the things of war, things for which your heart becomes a dark and lasting harbor.

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